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UAV Services

With over 4 years of experience in this emerging field, Mine & Quarry Surveys provide inspections, mapping services, boundary surveys and more, using our own Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Volumetric Surveys

Fast and accurate surveys of single stock piles or multiple stock fields, of any material, from ground or air. The latest and most reliable surveying equipment, paired with 32 years of volumetric surveying experience. 

Topographic Surveys

Using theodolites, UAVs and GNSS systems (including the Inspire 2 &  Trimble R10) to capture boundary and property information we offer fast and accurate topographic surveys of any site.

Precise Level Surveys

Mine & Quarry Surveys establish and measure level surveys to orders of accuracy from precision to third, from canals to above-mine surfaces.

M&Q Special Projects

Mine & Quarry Special Projects is a consultancy and surveying service that deals with unconventional void spaces, including caverns and flooded workings.


  In 1986 Mine & Quarry Surveys Limited were the first company to provide the Quarrying Industry with a rock face profiling and borehole survey service, based upon innovative survey equipment that we developed. Utilising these new instruments we started to offer more conventional survey services to the Quarrying Industry including a quick and accurate stock volume audit and full topographical survey services.


  Since then Mine & Quarry has provided a reliable and regular audit service at docks, quarries, rail facilities, power stations, industrial plants, mines and strategic locations and, with over thirty six years of experience, we can and have measured any pile, of any size, at any location in the U.K.

We continue to innovate and develop as Mine & Quarry Special Projects, the specialists in unconventional survey, including void space, flooded workings and land deformation.






Year Established
Smallest Stock measured (tons)
Largest Stock Yet Measured (tons)
Stocks Measured in 2018


Mine & Quarry Surveys, and our clients, have been appreciating the benefits of using "drones" as survey tools since 2015, and for the past four years we have been constantly advancing our understanding and usage of these platforms, leading to accurate land and stockpile surveys that are consistently quicker, cheaper and safer than traditional methods.

High quality UAV cameras or LIDAR can capture far more points than traditional total stations. When tied to Ground Control, the result is a significantly more comprehensive Depth Map of certified accuracy. The high resolution Orthomosaics of sites can demonstrate to auditors both the practice of survey and validity of results, with stockpiles, property boundaries and other site features visually evident. Orthomosaics are often also a useful organisational and promotional resource. 

The practicality of UAV surveying for large outdoor sites is confirmed with each survey. Data collection over an 80 Hectare site would once have taken multiple teams of our surveyors at least two weeks. Today, we fly these sites in two and a half hours, to a resolution of under 2cm a pixel. Reduced time on site is reduced inconvenience to operations and reduced cost for our clients.

But the fundamental benefit of the UAV platform, and the reason we recommend it where practical, is the reduced risk. By flying over sites, rather than walking through them, the risks of slips and trips, falls from height or contact with site vehicles and machinery are greatly reduced.

There are of course many areas where a UAV mounted instrument is not the right tool for the job. But, for large outdoor surveys, be they volumetric, deformation or other, we often find UAVs to be the quickest, cheapest and safest option. 



In 1994 Mine & Quarry invented, patented and built survey instruments to allow the remote survey of void space that cannot be measured conventionally. Since then we have gained unrivalled experience in the survey of void spaces throughout the world. Today we offer a highly specialised survey service as Mine & Quarry Surveys Special Projects. Outlined below are just a few of the works undertaken. For more information contact Chris at or at +44 (0)7860 188 822.



Each Mine & Quarry Engineer has been fully trained to work safely, adhering to strict guidelines from the moment they begin working on your site. 
Every Mine & Quarry pilot carries a full UK CAA qualification and continues to develop flight and ground skills through in-house training and assessment.
Safety is both our priority and commendation. This is evidenced after more than 10,000 successful surveys with 0 accidents, 0 RIDDOR and 0 near misses.



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